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Farm Attacks - Be Awake and Weatherable!!
● The profile of a typical farm attacker is that they are between 17 and 35 years old and in most cases ′′ unemployed ", though in many cases, part of a crime syndicate.
● This type of criminal usually acts in a group that can be between three to twelve or more persons.
● A feature of the farm attacker is that they think all farmers have firearms, money and vehicles.
● The fact that farmers mostly live in isolation makes them ′′ easy ′′ targets to obtain these mentioned items, but many such attacks can also be classified as hate crimes.
● Many of the farm attackers have ′′ military ′′ background and carry out their task with preciseness.
● The impression created is that these crimes should be as gruesome as possible, without there being mercy for any of the victims. (Mao Tse Tung - War of the Flea,'s one tactic is to demoralize the strong by helping the weak gruesome out of life).
● Prisonment is not really a deterrent to these criminals and usually they don't see the seriousness and consequences of their actions at all.
● The consequences of such a hate crime often result in emotion, after which vigil is intensified for a period.
● Such vigilance can be exhausting and after a while it fails again.
● The farming community is quite defenseless against these fine-planned attacks, where the targets may have been watched for weeks by single ′′ scouts ".
● First contact is made with the farmer with the pretence that the criminal is looking for work or wants to buy something (usually livestock).
● For prospective employees, it is difficult to discern at this stage, but they must be careful and always insist on an identity book.
● Enquiry with previous employers is extremely important and wouldn't knock things down, it would be wise to report this case to safety structures.
● Part of the exploration process is that the safety on the farm is ′′ tested ′′ by perhaps mixing with the local workers or staff.
● Valuable information is obtained in the manner around the levels of security of target farm.
● Farmworkers are often drunk to get information out of them in a covered way.
● Farm workers who have a good relationship with the owner should report such cases of strangers inquiring.
● In most cases, house servants are the target and movements of the farmer and his family should never be booked before them.
● Access control is important and keeping gates closed to a site is practically difficult.
● The first step is to make the site a prohibited site for anyone who doesn't have something to do there and then also bring it on plates.
● Would anyone ignore these warnings, all the warning lights must go on and tighten the farmer's vigil.
● Persons who plan such an attack are usually nervous with extreme sweat, quick of speech with aggressive hand movements, eyes that are elusive and shallow breathing patterns.
● Note the clothing line of suspicious persons and look at jackets in which weapons can be hidden.
● Remember that these crimes occur primarily from hate and that economic motive is often a cause.
QUALITY - A typical attack has the following elements:
● A criminal has all the time in the world to work out his plan hairfine
● Criminals use the element of surprise
● An ambush is used, many times at the corner or access route to the farm
● A distraction is sometimes used to attract the farmer from the house like letting the alarms go off. Cases of power outage and arson can also be used.
● The strongest person (mainly male persons? ) usually gets first ′′ taken out ′′ to then unhindered, loot or rape.
● Revenge is also sometimes exercised by loved ones to bring without killing the target.
● Cases where farmers and landowners are prematurely alert and observant and observing the warnings early can compete that criminals modus operandi are disturbed.
● It is everyone's interest that farmers bring them up to date on resentability.
SIGNS - Signs that there are danger threatening the following way handled. The following questions can only be answered by the farmer:
● Does attitude change occur in some of the farm workers?
● This also applies to worker s' relatives. (Do you have a system involving employees for warning and identifying criminals? )
● Are there strange vehicles floating around the area.
● Can the persons in the vehicle be recognized. Are the windows dark?
● Persons who watch the farm can also have cameras or cellphones with which photos are taken.
● With new technology, criminals can take pictures and make a whole image available to other gang or syndicate members in minutes.
● Are there ′′ buyers ′′ or ′′ prospective job applicants ′′ in the area?
● Are doors, gates and windows suddenly oiled or are they left outside the normal pattern open?
● Do you get unnamed calls or ′′ wrong numbers "?
● Are you / you perhaps being pursued?
● Pay attention to signs (African signs) and markers - it's a way that criminals leave indictments and their planning, such as piled stones, sticks, twigs, grass, bottles, plastic bags etc.
● The scouts aren't always the people who perform the attack.
● If you don't carry knowledge of this, it is advisable to approach experts about this or seek advice from specialists.

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